Google Plus Needs Better Weapons To Win The Battle With Facebook.

Google pLus Going Down

It is true that Google Plus started out growing faster than any other social networking website on the Internet, but going by the current trends it seems that Google Plus might not be able to beat Facebook in the long run. So far Google Plus has only been able to make news every week by [...]

The Nine Important Gmail Changes

Gmail Improved

If you are a G-mail user you must have already noticed the design change in Gmail that has been made available from Tuesday. As of now the choice is yours but eventually this is going to become a switchover for everybody. Let’s take a look at the nine things that are different in the new [...]

The new Gmail application for iPhone and iPad pulled off

Google Apps

The launch of the new Gmail application for iPhone and iPad was well anticipated but this one turned out to be riddled with bugs; the application did not seem to function well with push notifications. Many users who had downloaded the Gmail application were very much disappointed and Google had to pull it off from [...]

Cityville, the most popular game by Zynga is now available on Google plus

Cityville in Google plus

Very soon Google plus would allow its users to play Cityville – one of the most popular games by Zynga on its website. The two companies have been partners for quite sometime now and Google is one of the investors in Zynga. This gaming platform was launched in August and one of the first titles [...]

Start a Google plus hangout from You tube

YouTube in Google plus

Brian Glick, Google’s product manager announced a new feature in Google plus which will allow us to start a Google plus hangout session from You tube. The entire Idea is to easily watch a movie or a video together with your friends. The only requirement is that the video should be available on You Tube. [...]

Super cool extensions only for G+ from Google chrome!

Extensions for Google Plus

Google chrome has introduced 25 extensions to perform various functions on g+. If you do not know what extensions are, they are small programs written using web technologies like HTML and JavaScript that modify an internet browser. Google chrome extensions aimed at g+ hope to enhance its usability and thereby widen its features and the [...]

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Google plays a fair game using Google Play

Google Play

Google, the leading online resource provider has started concentrating more on increasing its market and to spread on social space. Google has taken necessary steps in maintaining and providing all its services linked with its social asset, Google Plus. This is not the only thing has been taken into consideration by Google, but they have [...]

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Can Google Plus overcome Facebook’s challenge?

Can Google Plus overcome Facebook’s challenge

A new announcement on Facebook photo features have took another crown from Google Plus. This has put brakes on the desires of the Google team in improving their social media network among public. There are various ideas prescribed by users to improve the look and feel of Google Plus to engage people a considerable amount [...]

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Key strategies set by Google to keep up its market

Key strategies set by Google

Google has started its strategy to overcome the competitors in the social media sites. They have apparently planned to launch their own third-party net commenting platform in helping users to provide their response on various sites. Meanwhile, Google has also started promoting its application store via Google Play and links it with Google Plus. Considering [...]

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Now Hang Out at White House

Obama in Google plus

The American administration which emphasises much on enteracting with the public has taken a step further in that direction by making themselves available on Google+. The American administration is already in other social networks and have initiated several Social Networking campaigns like the introduction of “We the People petitioning tool”. People will now be able [...]

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Three Major Internet Company’s Web Protest against SOPA & PIPA Bill


Many copyright holders are fighting to protect their unique and quality website contents from copyright infringements For an Eg: Take movie studio, the investment & hard work behind a movie are very huge and many online free movie watching websites are easily streaming the pirated version of original movie videos. Not only movie production websites, [...]

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Projected User Base for Google Plus by 2012: 400 Million


Google plus has just 62 million users as of now. But this number is expected to grow exponentially. This is no prediction, but strongly based on the fact that there are almost 700,000 Android based operating systems that are being activated every day. This combined with the factor that every day Google is aggressively combining all its [...]

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Google+ Users increased to 90 Million and 300 Million Users by Dec 2012


Records have once again proved Google+ to be the fastest growing social networking website with advanced features. Many experts are tracking the growth of Google+ very closely and one among them is Paul Allen. He predicted the Google+ growth rates very accurately in the past. Now, he claims that Google+ has 90 million users and [...]

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Educational Videos in ‘YouTube for Schools’

youtube for schools

GET READY FOR THE BIGGEST ONLINE SCHOOL EVER!!! The greatest video search website of Google, You Tube, has now taken steps to enhance the education standards to peak level. The new service of Google, “YouTube for Schools” is accepted already by many urban parents. This news has been released when the creative head of YouTube [...]

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Google News gets Google Plus

Google News

After many surprises, Google+ has introduced a new feature in Google news, the “+1 feature”. If a reader likes a news article he/she finds on Google news, he/she can click the +1 option. This is very much similar to the Facebook’s like feature. The article will be automatically visible in the user’s Google reader and [...]

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Chat with mutual friends in Google Plus

Google plus mutual friends

In Twitter, a message can be sent only when both the sender and receiver follow each other. So, how good it would be if we can communicate with people whom WE JUST KNOW as a mutual friend? At the same time our personal information should not be revealed, unless we decide to be a direct [...]

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