How to remove a person from a Google+ Circle?

Google plus is a social networking site and just like any other social networking site, you need to be able to add and remove contacts for your friend list. This article would walk you through the process of deleting or removing contacts from your Google plus circle.

Google plus allows you to add contacts in special circles or groups much like outlook does. You can assign a name to a particular circle and add people to that circle. To remove people from your circle you need to:


  • Hit the “Circles” tab in the navigation of Google+. You’ll be able to see all circles that you have.
  • Now, double click the circle you want to remove your contacts from. You’ll reach the page showing all contacts in that circle.
  • Click once on the name you want to remove and then click again (much like you do for changing file names on personal computer). The name would het highlighted.
  • Now, click the “remove” button above and the name would get removed.

Deleting profiles from Google plus

The removal will take effect after you’ve saved the changes on the page. This however, wouldn’t block a person from seeing your profile. Blocked people wouldn’t be able to access your page.

The removed person can be added back anytime you wish.



  • 2005lok

    If I created too many Circle and wanted to remove some of them, how do I do it?

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