How to Start a Google plus Hang out – Complete Guide

Google Friends HangoutEver wish that you could hang out with all your cool friends like in the real world???

Well your wish has certainly been granted! The newest feature ‘Hang out ‘in Google plus helps you do just this!

You can CHAT, VIDEO TALK, AND PLAN COOL STUFF TOGETHER through this new feature!! And you don’t even need to type in the same text to different friends many times.
As the term itself indicates all your friends are in the same portal at the same time.
You can now veto the plan to watch the boring movie up at the cinema more effectively.

Or you could put forth the best place and be appreciated instantly!
‘Oh! My God! I don’t have a web cam!’???

Don’t even bother to get one! You don’t even need a web cam to join a hang out!Wondering how you could do all this???

On the right hand side of the home page is the button ‘start a hang out’. Click it.

Start a Hangout screen shot

Google Plus detects the Audio and Video settings, you will see a “We’ve detected multiple problems” banner if any of them are missing. Click on Fix problems to get them sorted out

detected problems


You can now choose the Audio and video devices in the settings tab. Use the “play the test sound” to check your Head phones/Speakers. You can also choose any other devices other than your Default devices from the menu

Setting changes in Google plus hangouts

Once you have made the changes, its now time to choose your Hangout Members. In the text box click on’ add circles or people to share with’.In the pop up menu select the circle you want to hang out with.

invite friends


Now  click on ‘hang out’

Just enter the people you would like to hang out with and click ‘invite’. Invitations will be posted on your Profile

You can also see other live Hang outs that are going on and you can choose to join them.


Using the invite button you could also invite more people to join the hang out.Or would you rather text your friends?Then open the chat box by clicking on the chat icon and all your invited friends can join this chat. These Features are accompanied with buttons to Mute ON/OFF the video and Audio, Settings and Exit button

IF the Invited person is not available or if every one has left, this is what you will get

So now, you should have known almost every thing related to Hang outs.There you go!! Enjoy the hang out! But, hey! Do remember to invite me! :-) and let me know if i have to add any more points through your comments


  • Aaron

    Hmmm .. seems like Facebook days are counted

  • Tessa

    Is there any way to turn off the notification sounds in a hangout? When people join and leave a lot, the noises are quite annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Tessa,

    Yes you can turn them off.

    You can find it on the left of the Chat Menu (it looks like a round button). There you can find this option.

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